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MIH Consortium
Published On 2022-09-16
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  Established in 1986, GMORS is a progressive and leading manufacturer of quality rubber O-Rings, seals, and gaskets serving a diversified range of industries including automotive, semiconductor, medical, drinking water, food and drug, sanitary, chemical, and oil and gas. Through creative innovation and relentless R&D efforts, our products of various industry grades have been approved for use in a wide range of applications.    GMORS is committed to the fulfillment of all our customer’s requirements, and we offer products with a combination of competitive pricing, quality excellence, and service that is second to none. We work towards being your preferred partner and supplier for all your rubber product requirements.  

Rubber Seal Applications in the Automotive Industry 

  • Intake & Exhaust System 
  • Braking System 
  • Transmission & Steering System 
  • Fuel System
  • Thermal Management System (Battery Cooling System, Cooling Pipe Sealing) 
  • Cooling and Air Conditioning System  
  • Sensors 
  • Pipe Quick Connector 

Types of Seals 

  • Rubber Bonded Components: Fabric reinforced rubber, metal bonded rubber, Teflon (PTFE) bonded rubber. 
  • Gasket, Housing seal, Custom Design. 
  • O-Ring Seal 

GMORS System Process Control SAP ERP/ MES/ PLM 

  Systems Applications and Products (SAP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) were implemented in 2009 to support operational requirements in the standardization of processes in sales and purchases, inventory management, and production and finance. A centralized information system was created to enable access to timely reports and analysis to enable accurate data-driven decision-making in response to a fast-changing business environment.    The manufacturing Execution System (MES) was introduced for monitoring and documentation and allowing for real-time supervision on the factory floor to reduce human error and enhance production output.    Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) ensures more efficient processes in the development of products and keeps track of the various stages of implementation from R&D and design to final mass production. Uniformity of management and conformity to standards of product manufacturing, including production parameters, process quality documentation, data consistency, and batch traceability, as well as the establishment of a centralized PLM product knowledge base on design and development was implemented.   

GMORS Management Certification 

  GMORS attained IATF 16949 (VDA6.3 attainable) quality management certification in May 2018 to provide our customers in the automotive industry supply chain with cost and time-efficient and risk-minimizing services through a process of continuous improvement, manufacturing defects, and waste reduction.    As part of the global community with environmental responsibilities, GMORS has been certified to ISO 14001 and our partners can be assured that we abide by a framework of effective environmental management in all our processes.    Health and safety at work are the number one priority for GMORS as we strive to create a workplace culture to achieve zero accidents. ISO 45001 serves as our guideline for OH&S risk management for the reduction of workplace accidents and work-related injury absenteeism, which is translated into increased productivity and a reduction of insurance premiums.    GMORS in-house laboratory is certified to ISO 17025 (TAF) and our customers can be confident that the testing done in our laboratory on every new product and material is performed to the highest level of competency.   

GMORS FEA in Seal Design 

  GMORS uses finite element analysis (FEA) to assist customers in the evaluation of problems regarding the use of seals, as well as in the optimization of seal design and development of new seals. The method used in FEA is to divide the seal to be analyzed into a finite unit element and define the boundary conditions according to the operating conditions of the seal. CAE computer software is then used to perform high-speed calculations to simulate seal deformation based on the defined boundary conditions. The results of the stress interactions acting on the seal are visually presented to the user.   

GMORS Custom Mold Design 

  GMORS has considerable experience in mold design. In addition to meeting customer requirements, we can also offer a variety of options that can reduce production costs and mold costs. GMORS tool shop mold processing makes use of ultra-precision CNC diamond turning machines which are imported from Europe and the US. We can provide advanced mold processing capabilities with extreme accuracy along with a high-quality surface finish.    GMORS mold design considerations take into account component size, cross-sectional profile, material selection, location of the parting line, and cost of production. In addition to product appearance, dimensions, and performance requirements, we also work with our customers to achieve the highest production yield and quality consistency.   

GMORS Rubber Compound Development 

  Determination of material specifications by the requirements of working conditions such as noise reduction, shock absorption, UL-94 and FMVSS-302 standards for safety of flammability, and requirements for resistance to the refrigerant.   

GMORS Cleanroom 

Cleanliness is important because impurities can cause defects in a product and reduce its service life. GMORS has built Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8), Class 1,000 (ISO Class 6), and Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanrooms by international cleanroom standard specification ISO-14644. We offer a range of choices for the level of cleanliness to meet the requirements of product manufacturing in the automotive industry.   

The goal of joining the MIH Consortium 

  • To participate in the future trends in MIH and be a partner in the innovation and development of rubber seals and gaskets for the next generation of electric vehicles. 
  • To be a part of the MIH community and to explore the opportunity of business collaboration with other members. 
  • To be at the forefront of the latest technology in the EV industry and be updated on the latest developments. 


  Electric vehicles are the future of driving, and GMORS is proud to be a part of the EV development process along with MIH.    GMORS provides professional seal consultation and product design. In terms of material formulation, GMORS laboratory can develop compatible materials by the requirements of various working conditions of customers in the automotive industry.    GMORS can also provide DFM and TFC support and consultation in the design stage, avoiding any potential problems that may occur during mass production, providing quality stability and reliability, shortening production time, and reducing costs.    For products with special critical dimensions, reliability and product quality assurance will be provided through CPK and PPK process control.    For a full range of services, insist on GMORS as your partner of choice!    GMORS, Seals to your heart!    Contact:   Website: www.gmors.com  Email: inquiry@gmors.com  
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