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Precision Marketing! Member Featuring Service Now Opens to Contributor and M+ Service Members
Home / News Precision Marketing! Member Featuring Service Now Opens to Contributor and M+ Service Members
Precision Marketing! Member Featuring Service Now Opens to Contributor and M+ Service Members
Precision Marketing! Member Featuring Service Now Opens to Contributor and M+ Service Members
MIH Consortium
Published On 2022-06-28
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MIH Consortium is not only a platform for developing EV technologies but also actively promotes business collaboration between members. Following the launch of the Business Matching Platform last month, we further opened the "Member Featuring Service" to the Contributor Members and M+ Service Members.   👉Check out the Member Services and Benefits 👉Subscribe to M+ Service to upgrade the benefits   MIH Member Featuring aims to create a new communication channel for members. We're helping our members increase their company's brand awareness by publishing various types of content, such as brand stories, detailed product/technology/service articles, technical white papers, industry/technology analyses, etc. And the most important thing is to help members learn industry knowledge, build up networking resources more efficiently, and then link up business opportunities for cooperation.   Would you like to let more people know about your company's technology, products, and services and its uniqueness and leadership? Want to get more business collaboration opportunities? Or to enhance brand awareness and build industry reputation? Through MIH Member Featuring Service,  you can precisely reach out to 2,300+ companies in the automotive, electronics, and other industries around the world.   The Contributor Members and M+ Service Members are all invited to register. If you're a Contributor Member, we will publish your member featuring article free of charge. If you're an M+ Service Member, complete the registration form before the end of July to get an early bird price: USD$300 to publish your articles.   👉Already an M+ Service Member? Become a Contributor Member to GET FULL BENEFITS from MIH Member Featuring   Start Your Enrollment: ✅ Content: The content includes Chinese and English versions provided by your company.  The article needs to convey the value and services of your company. It can be a brand story, a complete introduction of your products/technologies/services, technical white papers, in-depth industry/technological trends analysis, etc.   ✅ Cost:
  • Contributor Members: Free registration! 
Fill out the registration form: https://www.surveycake.com/s/o4b32  
  • M+ Service Members: Register before the end of July, and you can enjoy the early bird offer: USD$300 to publish the content on the MIH official website.
Fill out the form before the end of July to enjoy an early bird price: USD$300. Register now: https://www.surveycake.com/s/o4b32   ✅ Exposure: The content will be distributed to more than 2,300 companies from 64 countries/regions through our MIH Monthly Newsletter, and will also be separately featured in the Member Featuring area on the MIH official website.   ✅ Benefit:

Elevate your precise marketing performance! The MIH Consortium gathers excellent companies from different fields who have invested in the research and development of new-generation electric vehicles. Therefore, publish the content and business contact information through Member Featuring, allowing members to directly and accurately reach the target audiences. With the continuous growth of the MIH alliance, the scope of reach continues to expand, rapidly expanding business opportunities, and also building the brand awareness of your companies.

  Take a look at the articles of Member Featuring: Tier 1 companies in the automotive industry–AAM World-renowned ODM Company–Wistron US Solar Electric Vehicle Startup – Aptera Japanese Autonomous Driving Startup - Tier IV Authoritative organization in the field of testing and verification – SGS Leader in Testing and Inspection - DEKRA iST
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