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MIH for Startups Showcased Innovation on the Next Generation of EV Mobility
Home / News MIH for Startups Showcased Innovation on the Next Generation of EV Mobility
MIH for Startups Showcased Innovation on the Next Generation of EV Mobility
MIH for Startups Showcased Innovation on the Next Generation of EV Mobility
MIH Consortium
Published On 2022-11-08
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MIH for Startups Showcased Innovation on the Next Generation of EV Mobility

MIH brings open collaborations to EV ecosystem and names 3 MIH Startup Ambassadors

  The Foxconn-initiated MIH Consortium joined hands with the leading accelerator Techstars and held the MIH for Startups Pitch event at MIH Demo Day on November 8th. MIH featured 10 EV-related startups from its Batch 1 program. Among them, three startups were awarded the MIH Startups Ambassadors: C2A Security specializing in cybersecurity; DeepDrive in E-Powertrain; and Olympian Motors, an emerging EV startup.   The three startups have strong alignment with the MIH open and agnostic EV platform. C2A Security shares the same vision in offering a seamless and holistic approach to automotive cybersecurity over the entire lifecycle. DeepDrive shares the common vision for future EVs being a plug & play vehicle platform architecture enabled by their next generation in-wheel motor technology. Olympian Motors has the vision of building classy and minimalistic EVs with user experience and lifestyle in mind and more importantly, embraces modular EV architecture in their manufacturing model.     The three MIH Startup Ambassadors will be inducted as MIH Contributor Members (valued at US$10,000) to participate in the MIH Working Groups and will get the chance to sit down with MIH to discuss proof-of-concept project opportunities and with the Foxconn investment team to discuss investment opportunities.   “Startups are the key in building toward the future of smart mobility. We are committed to supporting startups to grow through the open and agnostic approach of the MIH platform and to accelerate innovation,” said Jack Cheng, CEO of MIH Consortium. “These ten startups are only the first batch, and there will be the second and the third batch of entrepreneurs joining MIH to create more sustainable, diverse, and pleasant lifestyles.”   In June, MIH for Startups powered by Techstars invited EV startups from around the world to participate in the 8-week global Founder Catalyst program, driving the future of the EV mobility industry. In October, we announced the first batch of MIH for Startups teams with focus on automotive cybersecurity, E-Powertrain, EV charging, fleet management, autonomous driving and more. Each presented to a group of EV professionals, executive leaders, and investors at MIH Demo Day on November 8th and received a 1-year MIH M+ membership (valued at US$1,000).   The top 10 startups of MIH for Startups Batch 1:   C2A Security (Cybersecurity Lifecycle Management Platform) http://www.c2a-sec.com DeepDrive (E-Powertrain Technology) https://deepdrive.tech/ ElectricFish (Resilient Energy Infrastructure) https://www.electricfish.co/ Graphen (AI Car Knowledge Platform) https://www.graphen.ai/ Make My Day App (Smart Route Planning Algorithm) https://www.makemydayapp.com Olympian Motors (Building Classy and Minimalistic EV) http://olympianmotors.com ONEOQ (Laser Lighting Technology) http://www.oneoq.com Open Energy (Energy Management) https://www.openenergy.co/ Robeff Technology (Autonomous Delivery Robots) http://robeff.com WingDriver (Computer Vision & AI) http://wingdriver.com/      
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