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Interest Groups Status for November 2022
Home / News Interest Groups Status for November 2022
Interest Groups Status for November 2022
Interest Groups Status for November 2022
MIH Consortium
Published On 2022-11-22
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The highlights demonstrated by two teams of the MIH Interest Group at the MIH Demo Day booth on November 8 are as follows:


【Team Net-Zero

  As everyone knows, Global Warming and Climate Risk have a significant impact on the environment we live in now. Governments around the world are implementing regulatory and market requirements to reduce CO2 emissions and build resilience to climate change. The development in climate governance and carbon management triggered the boom in EV innovation, which is our topic today.     MIH Consortium's open EV ecosystem is on a mission to create innovative solutions, develop reference designs and standards, and achieve a sustainable future by facilitating the transformation of the automotive industry and smart mobility. In order to build up the climate-resilient supply chain of EVs and assist members in the transition to Net-Zero, the Net-Zero Interest Group is organized to develop a comprehensive work framework for climate governance and carbon management, provides the alliance members with guidance on building up climate resilience and Net-Zero transition through member participation and cooperation mechanism. Our goal is to assist supply chains in addressing regulatory requirements and market trends, manage the increasing climate-related risks, and effectively move towards Net-Zero transformation and sustainable development.     Based on this mission, in addition to the aforementioned climate governance and carbon management work framework, Team Net-Zero also collaborated with Team Web3 in EV to propose a conceptual solution based on the characteristics of the blockchain (trust, transparency and traceability), using blockchain IC technology, manufacturing and carbon footprint data from factory equipment can be attested in real-time to enable trust directly from the data origin, the related data can be mint to a trustable smart contract(NFT) and it is expected that the relevant technology will be applied to the carbon market to increase the credibility of the transaction in the future.    In response to the team's proposal of using blockchain technology to link carbon footprint data to create an effective and verifiable carbon rights smart contract concept solution, at the booth of the Interest Group, through the blockchain technology of the Team Web3 in EV and Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs) from United Nations Carbon offset platform which contributed by the Team Net-Zero to the MIH Consortium, a limited number of 99 individual copies of "2022 MIH Demo Day Net Zero Commemorative NFT" will be distributed to the audience, not only as a demonstration case for the group project to neutralize the carbon emissions generated during the issuance of NFT but also to arouse the industry's attention to net-zero transformation and sustainable development.   

Team Web3 in EV

  As this important topic of future trend, through the Trust, Transparency and Traceability (which is 3T futures) of blockchain technology, in the MIH Interest Group, we have studied and defined how to securely exchange data among MIH partners and develop related extension services base on the MIH Decentralized Identifier (DID), objective to find out the possibilities of Web3 beyond in EV ecosystem, also expand more scenario of user services.    Based on this vision, Team Web3 in EV presented two conceptual solutions at this year's MIH Demo Day:     Personal Score System     To create a new user experience with a driving behavior data analysis platform and DID wallet. For example, the driver (holder) receives credentials which analyzing by the system, not only proving their identity from MIH(issuers) but also storing credentials in their DID wallet. then Driver can be proofs of their identity to any companies that request it (verifiers), and these companies can verify that the proofs are trustable via a Blockchain-based ledger. The purpose is to help create a user-centric driving experience that returns ownership of the data to the user. The data can be used more effectively not only for financial, insurance, vehicle repair or secondary market valuation but also can calculate their carbon credit, purchases records, or travel points as well.    Supply chain information management System     To increase the visibility and transparency of supply chain data exchange with blockchain infrastructure, to anchor the records of activities on chain to provide immutability. Therefore, we can share the data of carbon emission, provide traceability of production information and even save workload of credit checking for banks since they can now check the information in need via this transparent platform to facilitate the data sharing process in supply chain and relevant business unit who joined with. 
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