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Interest Group Status Update for Feb. 2022
Home / News Interest Group Status Update for Feb. 2022
Interest Group Status Update for Feb. 2022
Interest Group Status Update for Feb. 2022
MIH Consortium
Published On 2022-02-25
Views 1754

In February 2022, MIH and its partners launched a number of innovation projects within its Interest Groups (IG). An Interest Group is generally composed of 5 to 15 members. There is no limit to the number of participants but at least 2 with contributor member status. The Group Chair and charter will be formally established after the Advisory Committee's support. Interest Groups aim to discuss electric vehicle technologies and policies that many of our members are concerned about and serve as a forum for diverse exchange of ideas.

MIH Alliance has launched the first two interest groups, covering innovative topics such as carbon neutrality and 6G communication, which have received widespread attention in the ecosystem. Below are updates of the two Interest Groups "Carbon Neutrality" and "Next Generation Communication".

Carbon Neutrality/ Zero Net

Co-chaired by Jessie Chiu, MIH invited industry expert, and well-known blockchain startups CYBAVO, this group focuses on developing and promoting ESG strategies, carbon neutrality through mobility electrification, carbon emissions, and waste reduction from EV supply chain production/operation/recycling and responds to the social responsibility of a green future through technological and market-oriented means.

Through different POC (Proof of Concept) demonstration projects, the technical threshold for large-scale market application of green electricity/green energy certificate/carbon credits will be opened up. Currently, the group is discussing the following topics:

1. Supply and use of green energy

2. Check and verification of green energy certificates

3. Pricing and trading of carbon credits

4. Efficiency improvement of power system and charging facilities

5. Energy and material efficiency improvements in manufacturing and supply chains

6. Platform supply and demand matching via blockchain technology

In addition to the relevant government guidance units, the Carbon Neutrality Interest Group currently has 6 members (as of February 2022), and the list of members are (in alphabetical order): AEONMOTOR, CYBAVO, Foxconn, Gogoro, ITM, and Taipower

Next Generation Communication

The group is chaired by Aerkomm, an internationally renowned low-orbit satellite system integrator and operator, focusing on building an open platform for satellite communication industry cooperation, defining test standards and communication protocols for GEO/MEO/LEO satellite communications that comply with international regulations, and jointly defining standardized APIs and data exchanges agreement, create a cooperative environment for shared resources and innovative intellectual property rights and prepare for the EV application scenarios of next-generation 6G communications.

The group is inviting more satellite communication operators and solution providers (Tron Future...) to join in and start the discussion on the standardization of 6G satellite communication protocols. issue:

1. Support MIH Open EV Platform protocols and API standardization definition for future data exchange

2. Standardize procedures and common protocol definitions for multi-satellite handover, collection, tracking, control, and coordination of multi-satellite resources to a common decision-making system

3. Support other working groups to adopt vehicular satellite communication deployment and participate in different solution partner ecosystem development

In addition to the relevant government guidance units, the Next Gen. Communication Interest Group currently has 4 members (as of February 2022), and the list of members are (in alphabetical order): Aerkomm, AnaNav, Ejectt, and Tron Future.

After all, MIH stands at the forefront of technology and the market. It is not only the world's first open EV development platform but also the world's largest EV development community. MIH will cooperate with industry partners in more new fields to innovate and welcome more challenges and new opportunities to embrace. Through our strengths, we can help each other, fill the capability gaps, and contribute to the software and hardware development and ecological construction of the next generation of EVs.

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