Security & OTA Working Group Insight Sharing Webinar

The Security& OTA Working Group develops a seamless Vehicle Security Framework based on MIH DNA- Agnostic, Open, and Decentralized.


Currently, the use of a closed security system makes management of the vehicle life cycle separate from vehicle design, developing, manufacturing, using and scrapping for cybersecurity and data privacy. In addition, data disputes between end users and car manufacturers have seen an increase in the market. To face such a situation, Security & OTA Working Group focuses on developing a seamless Vehicle Security Framework and Open API to enable proactive protection of automotive cybersecurity over the entire security life cycle.


Want to know more about The Security& OTA Working Group and what it is working on? Join us for the discussion!

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  • Time: 2/16 Thursday, 2-3pm(GMT+8)
  • Format: webinar, Register HERE
  • Language: English
  • Speakers: MIH, VicOne, ITM, CyCraft



14:00-14:10 Security& OTA WG’s vision and mission​, MIH

14:10-14:25 End-to-End Automotive Cybersecurity Solution, VicOne

14:25-14:40 Securing the Data of EV with dNFT in Blockchain Technology, ITM

14:40-14:55 TARA, CyCraft

14:55-15:00 Q&A

About Security & OTA Working Group: