Smart Cabin Working Group Charter  

 The mission of the Smart Cabin Working Group (SC WG) is to define the specifications and develop the EV Kit for MIH Smart Cabin & In- Vehicle Apps WG.  

Start date   5 May. 2022  
Charter extension  N/A 
Chair   IJ Wang (Clientron) 
MIH Contacts   Ted Lien (MIH)  
Meeting Schedule   Teleconference: bi-weekly 



The scope of the SC WG is:  

Base on OSI (ISO-IEC 7498-1) Architecture to define the communication-protocol in smart cabin. 

  • The communication between ECUs 
  • The specification between ECUs  



  • Bi-weekly meetings on Wed 7pm PST/Thurs 10am TWT 
  • Sub-teams may schedule ad hoc meetings as required to address work items 
  • Time commitment outside WG depends on work items and contributions 
  • SC WG Minutes/Documents 
  • Accessible only by Contributing Members participating in the SC WG  
  • Google shared drive has been setup to share minutes/documents 
  • Need to request access via a gmail account 
  • Meetings will be conducted using Microsoft Teams 
  • Invites should be managed by Chair/Co-chair 


Documentation of the specifications covering: 

  • A. SpecificationsofPhysicalLayer,includingCAN,Auto-Ethernet…(Theserial 
  • devices) 
  • B. Specification of Data-Link Layer. The address and frame control. 
  • C. Specification of Network Layer. The path determination and logical address. 
  • D. Specification of Transport Layer. The end2end connection and reliability. 
  • E. Specification of Session Layer. Interhost communication. 
  • F. SpecificationofPresentationLayer.Datarepresentationandencryption. 
  • G. Specification of Application Layer. Network process to application. 
  • H. Reference Designed for EV KitDbW API 


Half-year release: 

2022: Draft specification by WG and release.  

2023: Publishing the EV Kit platform.