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MIH Groups

Most MIH work revolves around the realization and standardization of EV technologies. To accomplish this work, MIH promotes the development of reference designs and standards based on Working Group deliverables produced. The governance of Working and Interest Groups will be set forth by the Technical Committee.

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There are two types of Groups:


Working Groups typically produce deliverables (e.g., technical recommendations, specifications, reference designs, sample codes…etc). Working Groups must show that all changes have been (or is being) implemented in at least 2 products by 2 implementers. Each Working Group must have a Charter. To allow rapid progress, Working Groups are intended to be small (typically fewer than 15 people) and composed of experts in the area defined by the charter.

List of Working Groups



The primary goal of an Interest Group is to bring together people who wish to evaluate potential EV technologies and policies. An Interest Group is a forum for the exchange of ideas. Each Interest Group must have a Charter. In principle, Interest Groups have no limit on the number of participants.

List of Interest Groups



A Working Group or Interest Group charter must include all the following information.

  • The Group’s mission (e.g., develop a technical recommendations, specifications, or process)
  • The scope of the Group’s work and criteria for success
  • The duration of the Group (typically from six months to two years)
  • The nature of any deliverables (e.g. technical recommendations, or software)
  • Expected milestone dates where available
  • The process for the Group to approve the release of deliverables (including intermediate results)
  • The level of confidentiality of the Group’s proceedings and deliverables
  • Meeting mechanisms and expected frequency, if known, the date of the first meeting
  • Communication mechanisms to be employed within the Group, between the Groups and the rest of the Alliance, and with the public
  • An estimate of the expected time commitment from participants
  • Intellectual property information. What is the intellectual property considerations affecting the success of the Group? Will there be difficulties to meet the recommended licensing goal?