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Member Services Introduction

1. Benefits to MIH Community Members

  • Interaction & Participation

    Opportunity to get in touch with players and actively discuss future possibly at interest groups and/or MIH events, to influence strategic direction in the EV development journey.

  • Stay relevant & updated

    Obtain MIH latest activity updates, to learn more about where the EV industry is moving towards and where new collaborations are possible.

  • For an additional fee, you can enjoy the following services.
    • MIH Alliance public meetings and events ($300-$600 per event)
    • Certification training courses ($100-500/session)
    • Market Trend Insight Seminars ($200-$500/session)
    • Intellectual property consulting services (US$200-500/per use)


2. Benefits of M+ Service Subscription

MIH sincerely invites community members to subscribe to the M+ Service; members who pay $1,000 per year for the M+ Service subscription will be offered the following services & benefits during the subscription period:

  • Participation in public meetings and events organized by MIH Alliance (original price: $300-600 per meeting or event)
    M+ Service members are entitled to free attendance at MIH Alliance public meetings and events, with a maximum of 1-2 colleagues from the same company attending each meeting and event.
  • Attendance at certification training courses (original price $100-500/session)
    M+ Service subscribers are entitled to 3-6 free certification training sessions during the subscription year, up to 1-2 colleagues from the same company can attend each course.
  • Exclusive Market Insight Seminar (Original Price: $200-$500 per seminar)
    M+ Service members can attend the exclusive Market Insights Seminar for MIH Alliance members for free. Up to 1-2 colleagues from the same company can attend each seminar event.
  • IP Consultation Service (Original Price: US$200-500/session)
    Members subscribing to M+ Service can contact mih@mih-ev.org for one IP consultation per month by appointment: 30-minute IP consultation meeting on Friday weekdays between 2pm and 6pm (Taipei time) with up to 1-2 colleagues from the same company attending each meeting.
  • MIH Alliance Monthly Newsletter Featuring
    M+ Service subscribers can pay US $300-600 to have their company/products advertisement placed in the MIH Alliance monthly newsletter for a maximum of 2 times per year, with a 3-month interval between each advertised.


3. Additional benefits to our Contributing Members:

MIH sincerely invites Community Members to further support MIH and create an open platform ecosystem for electric vehicles by becoming MIH Contributor Members; donations of $10,000 or more per year are eligible for the following additional benefits and joining the Working Groups.

  • Go-to-market
    Provide strategic directions and contribute technical expertise within the working groups and collaborate with complimenting partners to develop reference designs for the EV industry.
  • Community
    Opportunity to join the technical and advisory committee, to build personal connections with EV related industry leaders, and be at the forefront of EV technology developments.
  • Consultation

For Contributor Members, please check the above services on MIH Slack. If you are already a contributor member and have not joined MIH Slack, please contact us. Up to two colleagues from the same company may join MIH Slack.


【How to Apply】

  • Not yet an MIH Member and would like to become an MIH Member:
    If you are interested, please apply here.
  • Community Members who want to subscribe M+ Service subscription service:
    After paying US$1,000, you can enjoy M+ Service subscription service. If you are interested, please fill outthe paid subscription form.
  • Already a Community Member and would like to become a Contributor member:
    After making a donation of US$10,000, you can become a Contributor member. If you are interested, please fill out the donation form.

*Published on 2022/2/22, MIH Consortium reserves the right of interpretation and modification, the maximum number of company colleagues who can use the services and rights of members will be adjusted according to the types of the services/activities.