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AAM-MIH Member Featuring
Home / Market Insights AAM-MIH Member Featuring
AAM-MIH Member Featuring
AAM-MIH Member Featuring
Published On 2022-03-29
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AAM is a leading global Tier 1 supplier in driveline systems metal forming technologies. Headquartered in Detroit Michigan, AAM has approximately 20,000 associates operating at nearly 80 facilities in 17 countries to support our customers on global and regional platforms with a focus on quality, operational excellence and technology leadership. We are supplying a wide range of both global and local OEMs, such as GM, Stellantis, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Honda, Nio, Li Auto, etc.

In the past 28 years, AAM has delivered its power to drive the world. Established on March 1, 1994 by our late co-Founder and Chairman Richard E. Dauch through the acquisition of the former GM’s driveline and forging business unit, AAM has experienced multiple phases of growth path. The first five years after company establishment, the company focused on management and operational improvement and successfully turned the business around and achieved significant continuous business and profit growth. The company was publicly listed at New York Stock Exchange in 1999 and after that, AAM has started selectively global expansion; investing in new technology, new products to enhance both product offerings and engineering & manufacturing capabilities; at mean time, the company always focuses on delivering solid operational results not only to cope with market uncertainties, but also to ensure the company’s long term sustainable growth.

Moving into the future, AAM delivers the power to drive the global electrification development and to create a safer and greener environment. AAM Electric Drive is an electrified propulsion solution for full range hybrid and pure electric vehicles, ranging from cost-effective compact vehicles to high performance luxury vehicles. We meet and exceed

customer requirements by combining AAM’s creative eDrive technologies with our extensive NVH experience, gear design, system integration and manufacturing capabilities.

Our hybrid and electric technologies were designed to combine exceptional vehicle performance with improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions. By also delivering improvements in active safety, acceleration, and all-wheel drive traction, we’re making vehicles smarter, lighter, safer and more efficient for a better future.

AAM's breakthrough innovative electric drive products mainly include three segments: Wheel End Motors, Electric Drive Units and e-Beam Axles.

AAM Wheel End Motors

The compact propulsion system allows maximum flexibility in the chassis, omitting many transmission parts, allowing for a simpler vehicle structure that maximizes vehicle package space and range. AAM has entered into an agreement with REE Automotive, a leader and pioneer in the field of electric vehicles in May 2021 to jointly develop this exciting new family of electric drive systems. The parties plan to leverage AAM's system integration capabilities and focus on NVH (noise, vibration, and roughness) reduction to enable the integration of AAM's lightweight and efficient next-generation electric drive unit and REE's REEcornerTM technology. The AAM next-generation electric drive unit contains fully integrated high-speed motor and inverter technology. REE’s REEcornerTM technology is highly modular and disruptive, providing an all-planar electric vehicle chassis for multiple commercial vehicle applications. REEcornerTM integrates key vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and controls) into the area between the chassis and wheels, providing significant functional and economic advantages.

AAM Electric Drive Unit

As one of the most popular topics in the global automotive market, AAM’s electric drive unit (eDrive) inherits the creativity and high-power density of AAM electrification technology and is smaller, lighter, and more efficient. With many years of experience in both automotive driveline and drivetrain technology and manufacturing, AAM has achieved great success in a series of electric drive units.

The 3500Nm Concentric 2-in-1 Electric Drive Unit is AAM's first electrification technology launched in mass production on Jaguar’s electric SUV, the I Pace. It is also the very first mass produced concentric design electric drive unit with planetary gears in the entire industry. This design has very high-power density with 150Kw Peak Power; 60Kw Continuous Power, it delivers 3100Nm wheel end torque at peak and 13,500 rpm motor speed. The system efficiency is 97%.

The I Pace AWD layout provides ultra-high performance. The advantage of concentric design is to maximize the power density and reduce the system mass. Thanks to AAM's innovative technology, the I Pace won three awards at the World Car Awards. In addition, the AAM concentric electric drive unit won the PACE Award, demonstrating AAM's contribution to the advancement of four-wheel drive electrification technology.

The 1500Nm 2-in-1 Offset Electric Drive Unit is AAM's first electric drive product for China’s small BEV market. This 2 in 1 eDrive powered SAIC-GM-Wuling’s KIWI, an A00 class electric car with peak wheel-end torque of 1500 Nm. AAM's electric drive unit is an innovative solution for all hybrid and pure electric vehicles, leveraging AAM's extensive experience in the design, analysis and machining of geared mechanical systems to deliver a small, quiet and efficient drive unit.

The 24000 RPM High Speed Next Generation 3 in 1 Electric Drive Unit incorporates new technologies including faster motor speed, unique cooling methods, high-ratio gearbox, as well as full integration of an inverter. High rotational speed of 24k rpm allows a very significant advantage in power. The motor is also 50mm smaller in diameter than competitors resulting in 25% motor mass savings resulting in significant material cost savings. Unique cooling methods were developed to allow the high-speed and power-dense motor to deliver sustained peak power levels. Unique and innovative thru-stator and thru-shaft cooling vs. conventional water jacket housing cooling were developed to extract heat closer to the source. Most eDrive systems do not have integrated inverters, but AAM’s design has fully integrated the inverter into the eDrive. AAM’s design solution improves the inverter packaging volume by 20% over the Tesla Model 3 inverter. Key design elements for this eDrive is a scalable induction or permanent magnet motor with rotational speeds up to 24k and unique thru-stator and thru-shaft cooling. The integrated gearbox has an 18:1 ratio and features a dual layshaft design to allow the gear pitch-line velocity to be manageable with the high-speed motor. The well-integrated inverter

seamlessly packages under the small motor diameter eliminating the need for expensive external AC wiring. The eDrive unit has 400 and 800V capability and is interchangeable between induction or permanent magnet rotors.

AAM e-Beam Axle

AAM e-Beam Axle includes both 3 in 1 e-Beam axles and 2 in 1 e-Beam axles.

AAM T series 2 in 1 e-Beam axles incorporate lightweight welding differential, aluminum die casting housing, coaxial gearbox and welded tube technology in order to solve the challenges of an electrified offset design including over-weight; over hung mass; packaging difficulties and negative vehicle handling impact. This e-Beam axle could offer an electrification solution for pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, MPVs and light logistics vehicles without sacrificing loading and towing capabilities. Our first e-Beam product for China T4500 offers 4500Nm torque with only 130 kg axle mass, much lighter than other competitors.

The AAM e-Beam 2 in 1 axle could be paired with an X in 1 domain control ePowertrain Pack to provide an easy solution for to transition today’s ICE pickups, vans, SUVs, MPVs and light logistics vehicles into an electric truck platform without sacrificing loading and towing capabilities. Meanwhile the compact coaxial gearbox design ensures easy packing and more space for vehicle layout.

AAM, as the leading global supplier of driveline system and metal forming in the traditional automobile industry, in light of the disruptive changes from electrification and eMobility, AAM closely follows the pace of the market and technology trends to increases technological R&D and investment. In the process of traditional parts design, development, and manufacturing, we combine proprietary technology with revolutionary electric drive innovation technology to create flexible high-power density electric drive unit platform products and core components.

MIH focuses on creating an open electric vehicle ecosystem and joining MIH is undoubtedly the best choice for AAM. Not only can timely access to the core technologies in the automotive industry and eMobility field, such as core components and automation technology, etc., to enhance the comprehensive advantage of the company. In addition, the MIH members can share the development and design ideas, harvest innovative inspiration, improve innovation ability, and make products more suitable for market requirements and applications.

At the same time, as a member of MIH, it can continuously improve the value of professional fields, promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the industry and, accelerate the improvement of industrial foundation and level of electrification, and realize the growth of both the member companies and the industry together.

MIH's open attitude and win-win cooperation pattern is a new force to drive the electrification growth among the fierce global competition.

Joining MIH allows AAM access to more information, more technology sharing, and more business opportunities.

In terms of products and technologies, timely and effective communications and consistent requirements and standards will help AAM to better understand the customers and market requirements, clarify design and development objectives, shorten the design cycle, indirectly improve production efficiency and enhance market competitiveness. At the same time, the cooperation and interaction on the platform can help achieve the industrialization of the new products and technologies, help promote the market application of products, and create more cooperation opportunities for upstream and downstream companies in the industry, accelerate and realize the cooperation across industries, and achieve mutual benefits.



Contact:Jackie Gu



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