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Working Group Status for June 2022
Home / News Working Group Status for June 2022
Working Group Status for June 2022
Working Group Status for June 2022
MIH Consortium
Published On 2022-06-28
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【Autonomy WG】 

The 13th Autonomy working group was held on June 23rd. The working group is honored to invite iST to give a short talk on the AEC-Q100 standard. Then the sensor API sub-group leader gave a thorough explanation of the goal of the sub-group, including sensor type (Camera, Radar, Lidar), and scope (DDS/Kernal/Physical). So The Autoware API and MIH API can be compatible with each other. The sensor API sub-group also includes AI-powered smart sensor as well.   

【Smart Cabin WG】 

The 4th Smart Cabin Working Group was held on June 16th. A new partner Cerence joined the group this time. Cerence specializes in voice recognization, which is indispensable for a cabin environment that emphasizes user experience. In addition, Drimaes gave an overview of AGL/Containerization technology. After that, the chair elaborated on communication protocol using BMS as an example. Then MIH shared the 10 hottest user experiences in the smart cabin.   

【Certification WG】 

The 3rd Certification working group was held on June 8th. There are several task forces formed to address cross-working group collaboration. They include Autonomy, Thermal, Power Train, Connectivity, Security & OTA, and Smart Cabin.    

【Security & Over-the-air Working Group】 

The Security & OTA working group discussed using the use of decentralized identity (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC) as end-to-end authentication and authorization method between mobile devices and vehicles. This provides a security mechanism for mobile devices and vehicles for a secure end-to-end connection methodology without Cloud service support.   

【Thermal Management WG】 

TM Working Group has held its 4th WG meeting on Jun 28th. Since WG kick-off, our first task has been focusing on simulation and comparison on the circuit design of the benchmarking models. As next step we will keep on analyzing the circuit design of those popular EV models, then to integrate and simplify the design to accommodate the needs of MIH platform. We’ve also listed the HVAC function matrix under different battery and powertrain scenarios, this TM WG will use to differentiate the levels of thermal management system.   

Powertrain WG】 

2 Speed Gear Box Update   Bench and simulation tests have been completed this month. The overall performance and material cost differences will be compared based on the test results. In response to the test results, as the NVH failed to meet the passenger car standards, the team is discussing with the team members whether it can be improved from material solutions.  SiC subgroup Update After confirming the specifications and test conditions with Tier 1, the relevant specifications for standardization and modularization have been revised. Next, the corresponding standards will be established according to this specification. 
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