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Working Group Status for March 2023
Home / News Working Group Status for March 2023
Working Group Status for March 2023
Working Group Status for March 2023
MIH Consortium
Published On 2023-03-29
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Progress update of the MIH Working Groups in March are as below:

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【Autonomy WG】

  • The revised DbW API by the Autonomy Working Group has passed member review and will be re-submitted to the committee for further review in the coming weeks. 
  • The Map Working Group will hold an internal to discuss the future scope of the working group. 

【Smart Cabin WG】

MIH held the 16th meeting of the Smart Cabin Working Group on 3/2. This meeting defined the Body Command API for the body domain controller with reference to the smart cabin system architecture. Through this Body Command API can control body settings or read body status (such as direction lights, vehicle speed, ABS/TCS/TCS status... etc. as status display or control), the Smart Cabin Working Group will continue to discuss with members.     

Testing & Certification WG】

The 20th Testing & Certification Working Group meeting was held on 3/15. During the meeting, all members discussed the preparation of battery sub-group creation. Basically, it involves cell, module, functional safety and battery management system. More discussions are expected to happen before the formal establishment of the sub group.    

【Security & OTA Working Group】

MIH Security & Over-the-air Working Group held the meeting on 3/9. We introduced new chairmen, Luffy Lu from VicOne for cybersecurity and Nicholas Yang from Cathay Finance Holdings for the Web3 Topic. During the meeting, both chairmen had set up a target and working items for the year of 2023 and are open for the Security & OTA and Web3 proposals. Any suggestion is welcome to the working group.   
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