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Team Web3 in EV
Web3 EV is a significant topic of new technology applications and future trends. Through the transparent and traceable, difficult to tamper, and decentralization characteristics of blockchain technology, Web3 EV IG studies the standard definition of how to securely exchange data between MIH partners. Besides, Web3 EV IG provides driver digital credentials by using DID (Decentralized Identity) to provide more service to drivers, and explore the possibility of Web3 developing in the electric vehicle ecosystem.
This group will work with MIH, partners and users to develop a demonstration project of an open electric vehicle ecosystem based on respective areas of expertise, and help all members participate in the innovation of the MIH ecosystem.

Nicholas Yang, Blockchain Team of Cathay Pacific Digital Development Center

MIH Team Leaders:
Steve Pao, Shock Tung


Research scope:

Aiming at the application scenarios of the overall electric vehicle ecosystem, DID technology is used as the vehicle owner's identity certificate to develop related extended services and explore the possibility of Web3 developing in the electric vehicle ecosystem.

General affairs:

Online bi-weekly meetings, meeting minutes and related documents will be provided after meeting for participants of this research group.

Anticipated outcome:

  1. Delivery specification concept document containing
  2. MIH Platform Architecture
  3. supply chain management
  4. Carbon Footprint and Carbon Credit Data Tracking
  5. Application scenarios such as data analysis/decentralized identity/wallet/NFT credentials

Project schedule:

2022 2H
Driving behavior data analysis platform Demo
MIH Platform Architecture Concept Demo
DID application scenario definition

2023 1H
Supply Chain Management Mechanism Demo
Carbon Footprint and Carbon Credit Data Tracking Standard Procedures
Example Web3 usage scenario application

(Adjusted according to the actual situation)