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MIH April 2024 Newsletter
Home / News MIH April 2024 Newsletter
MIH April 2024 Newsletter
MIH April 2024 Newsletter
MIH Consortium
Published On 2024-04-30
Views 586

Dear MIH Consortium Members,


In recognition of Earth Day, which fell on April 22 🌏, MIH Monthly Newsletter spotlights the journey towards net-zero, featuring the 'MIH Net-Zero Working Group Global Policy Research and Advocacy Report.' This report provides guidance and support for fostering resilience and net-zero goals. 🍀 


Additionally, we have prepared a brief survey to better understand your company's interests and needs regarding carbon footprint verification. We invite you to participate, as your feedback will be invaluable in shaping our future services. 📝


Lastly, save the date for Computex 2024, Taiwan’s top tech event from June 4 to 7, introducing a new Smart Mobility section. MIH offers limited marketing services to showcase your products on our website and social media. If your company is exhibiting, fill out the form to access these exclusive services. Availability is limited, so act fast to secure your spot!


Warm regards,

The MIH Consortium Team

👉 Leave your comments and suggestions on the MIH Monthly Newsletter and MIH Consortium


EN Net Zero官網圖.png

MIH Net-Zero Working Group Global Policy Research and Advocacy Report

To support the industry's transition to net-zero and construct a climate-resilient electric vehicle supply chain, the MIH Net-Zero Working Group has composed the "Global Policy Study and Advocacy Report on Net-Zero Carbon Emissions." This report offers guidance and support for building resilience and achieving net-zero transformations, along with intelligent solutions for carbon management. It helps supply chain members meet regulatory demands and market trends, manage increasing climate risks, and advance toward sustainable development goals.


👉 Click to read the full report!



[Member Survey] Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Planning and Needs Survey

As global focus on environmental sustainability and related policy measures increases, industries worldwide must comply with international regulations and strive toward green development. To gain a deeper understanding of MIH members' views, practices, and needs regarding net-zero carbon emissions, we have created a brief survey. We invite you to share your company's experiences and requirements.


👉 Fill out the survey, just 3 minutes!


Computex Member Promo Form.png

[Member Service] Promote Your Computex 2024 Highlights by Filling Out the Form!

Taiwan's premier tech event, Computex 2024, is set to take place from June 4th to 7th, featuring a new Smart Mobility section that will showcase electric vehicles, smart cabins, charging stations, and other automotive technologies. MIH is offering promotional services to its members! The first 10 members to complete registration will receive a free high-visibility advertising space, enhancing their exhibit's impact and facilitating information exchange and collaboration among members.


Note: This form is only for members with a physical booth at Computex 2024.

👉 Register now to secure your marketing space!


EV NEWS官網.png

[Industry Trends] MIH selects must-read articles from 3 major areas, helping members stay ahead of the latest trends

  • Electric Vehicles: 

👉 International Energy Agency (IEA) - Global EV Outlook 2024 Report

👉 Any Hope for a Cheaper Tesla Model May Be on Hold for Now. But How About a Tesla Taxi for Your Troubles?

👉 Xiaomi Aims to Deliver 100,000 SU7 EVs This Year

  • Tech+AI: 

👉 Apple’s New AI Model Hints at How AI Could Come to the iPhone

👉 Will Apple’s Entrance Lead to a Wider Adoption of AR and VR?

👉 OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Invests in Solar Power Firm Exowatt to Fuel AI Datacenters

  • International Policies & Business Trends: 

👉 Chinese Automakers Redefine the Car as a Living Space at Beijing Auto Show 2024

👉 US and Europe: 2 Different Approaches to Restricting Chinese EVs

👉 Volta Foundation - Annual Battery Report 

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