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Highlights of MIH Partners at CES 2022
Home / News Highlights of MIH Partners at CES 2022
Highlights of MIH Partners at CES 2022
Highlights of MIH Partners at CES 2022
MIH Consortium
Published On 2022-01-14
Views 1889

In addition to the joint participation of MIH and Autoware at CES 2022, MIH member partners also unveiled many exciting achievements at the event: from the Microsoft Azure in-vehicle infotainment system with artificial intelligence and voice capabilities to Phiar's powerful AR HUD smart navigation system, all of which shows that the mobile industry is moving towards a smarter, more connected future.

MIH Consortium is excited to share with you the significant advancements announced by our MIH member partners at CES 2022, and we will continue to work with our member partners in the coming year to build the next generation of software-defined vehicles that will transform the automotive industry.

MIH member partners showcased at CES 2022 include:


Microsoft is helping to reshape the automotive industry in the way it serves its drivers with in-vehicle infotainment systems.

The solution provides the industry with a fresh take on text-to-speech and expressive voice, global languages, speaker fidelity, and self-service customization. Microsoft's neural text-to-speech provides fluency and naturalness that is comparable to a human voice. Coupled with multi-emotional voices, Microsoft text-to-speech acts as a refreshing replacement to the monotonous sound many car assistants have today.

"We are excited to reimagine how speech and voice can improve the lives of drivers,” Azure AI Speech Product Lead Binggong Ding said. Microsoft’s long-term goal is to make advanced multi-emotional, global voice capabilities the new standard for global car brands and consumers.

Together with the car manufacturers, Microsoft is creating new driving experiences with speech based on the text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities within Azure Cognitive Services for speech.

Microsoft speech-to-text offers robust recognition capabilities which are speaker-independent and capable of handling ambient noise while driving. Microsoft text-to-speech also features a more fluid, natural-sounding voice which can be a differentiation for automakers and customers alike. Microsoft text-to-speech supports several speaking styles, including chat, newscast, and customer service. These advancements allow drivers to have a more delightful driving experience.



Projecting the future of navigation with Augmented Reality.

Two years ago, TomTom and Phiar teamed up to bring a seamless AR user experience to the future of automotive navigation. Through this collaboration, they have combined their expertise as frontrunners in their respective fields.

By combining their expertise, Phiar and TomTom have created an innovative driving platform that delivers a cohesive driver experience. Relevant information can be overlaid on top of the road ahead, making navigation cues and ADAS notifications explicit and thus easy to understand.

For automakers, this pre-integrated solution can ensure that AR capabilities add value for their users, improving the driving experience, while minimizing cost and time-to-market. With this collaboration, TomTom are integrating Phiar’s AI and AR capabilities as a standard joint offering with TomTom’s navigation portfolio.

As the automotive cockpit becomes increasingly intelligent with a wide range of functions to perform and information to provide, prioritizing and structuring what’s displayed to the driver is essential in order to avoid cognitive overload. Phiar is working closely with TomTom and making it easy for OEMs and Tier 1 companies to integrate vision-powered spatial AI and offer AR capabilities that utilize vehicle IVI SoC, camera and sensors to provide drivers with a far more intuitive navigation experience.



Phiar, Qualcomm Bringing Computer Vision to Inside the Car

At CES this week, Phiar Technologies announced it is working to “transform the automotive cockpit” by adding its augmented reality (AR) navigation capabilities to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon automotive cockpit platform.

The Phiar system requires the use of only one camera to capture images for its spatial artificial intelligence (AI) engine. It then transforms the information into intelligent AR heads-up display (HUD) navigation.

“We’re dedicated to delivering drivers an AR navigation experience either on HUD or video screen that is unparalleled because they see intelligent navigation guidance in real-time for more intuitive driving, without the need to look at a map,” said Gene Karshenboym, CEO of Phiar Technologies.

The Phiar technology is being marketed to manufacturers to incorporate into vehicles as part of the automotive ecosystem.



Driving automotive innovation: Infineon’s new generation of AURIX™ microcontrollers accelerates electrification and digitalization of the car

At CES 2022, Infineon Technologies AG launches a new generation of its AURIX™ microcontroller family (MCU). The TC4x series fosters the trends of eMobility, advanced driver assists systems (ADAS), automotive electric-electronic (E/E) architectures and affordable artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Furthermore, its scalable family concept allows for a common software architecture enabling significant platform software savings.

“With the next-generation of the AURIX family, we lay the ground for the electric, intelligent and connected car of the next decade,” said Peter Schiefer, head of Infineon’s automotive division. “We are the number one partner in the fast-changing automotive world,” he added. “With our system knowledge, our passion for innovation and quality we significantly contribute to making cars environment-friendly, safer and more comfortable.”

The new AURIX TC4x family supports both eMobility and the advancement of automated driving. It offers enhanced connectivity as well as advanced safety and security. Additionally, new SOTA (Software Over the Air) features help fulfill car manufacturers’ demands for fast and secure car-to-cloud connection, enabling updates in the field, plus diagnosis and analysis during vehicle usage.


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