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Working Group Status for Feb. 2022
Home / News Working Group Status for Feb. 2022
Working Group Status for Feb. 2022
Working Group Status for Feb. 2022
MIH Consortium
Published On 2022-02-23
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During the long holiday of the Lunar New Year, the progress of the working group in February did not slow down because of this. Everyone worked hard and earnestly on the blueprint planned by the group step by step. 


The 2nd powertrain working group meeting was held on Feb. 18th.

The planned deliverables for this working group are listed below:

  • Entire EDU (control + motor + gear box) by vehicle segment
    • Assembly interface with vehicle
      • I/O with vehicle VCU
      • Control I/O  with motor and gear box
      • Gear box output to wheel end interface

The focus of the working group discussion was on the assignment of work to the design of the main elements of the reference design, and it was hoped that the standardization of parts and the reference design would parallel the progress of this year. The goal is to reduce energy consumption by designing a two-speed gearbox that meets market needs, achieves the advantages of acceleration performance, and increases cruising range.


The last AD/ADAS working group meeting was held on Feb. 10th. Regarding the content of the Drive-by-Wire API, the team members gave feedback and made updates based on it. In the fifth meeting, Tier IV shared and introduced the process and experience in the safety validation process, and introduced the background knowledge of ISO 26262 and SOTIF standard (functional safety/intended functional safety) to members. 

The main deliverables for this working group are listed below:


  1. DbW API
    • Acceleration/De-Acceleration
    • Steering angle
    • Car state
    • Others
  2. Sensor API
    • Camera
    • Radar
    • Lidar
    • GNSS
    • IMU
    • Sonar
    • Others
  3. Reference Design:
    • L2/L2+
      • ACC:Adaptive Cruise Control
      • AEB:Autonomous Emergency Braking
      • APS:Automatic Parking System
      • DMS:Driver Monitoring System
      • Others
    • L3/L4/L5
      • Fusion based perception
      • Fusion based localization
      • HD based navigation
      • Fleet Management
      • Various Operational Design Domains(ODDs), like Autonomous Valet Parking, Cargo Delivery, Urban Pilot, RoboTaxi

Here is the roadmap of this working group for the next 2 years:

Security and OTA: 

The 4th security & OTA working group meeting was held on Feb. 10th. Several new members joined the group and meeting this time: CHT Security, FIT, International Trust Machine (ITM), and Innodisk assisting the working group to share experience in Digital car key, blockchain technology, and v2x network security.

The working group has proposed two project plans to be developed with the members:

Component Security Verification Program:

From the perspective of T-box hardware, it has discussed data security protection and detection and monitoring of attack and defense mechanisms and combined with Open EV Platform to provide solutions for members through standardized APIs.

Penetration Testing Standardization Program

By sharing the language used by information security people in vehicle information security discussions, and for other people can easily interpret the information security threats and risks encountered during the current threat analysis process.

The roadmap for this year is planned as below:

 2022 H1

  • Open Open EV Platform OTA/Security API
  • Component Security Verification Program

2022 H2

  • Open Open EV Platform OTA/Security API
  • Security On-Site Testing Standard Program

Upcoming working groups

Our focus for this year is to establish 8 working groups, and recently below working groups are potentially initiated:


Existing members include Dekra-iST, National Instrument, UL. There are some members who have interest and are on the way to joining including SGS, TUV, and Dekra.

The mission of this working group is, to use past experience on the various products especially vehicle verification and certification, and to work with MIH alliances’ members which come from different industries such as supply chain, software solution provider, and hardware provider, and then along with MIH to help these members to certify or pass the validation from mandatory standards and ISO protocols. MIH will also along with working group members initiate a generic checklist template for preliminary validation based on mandatory standards, and then work with members to help other alliance members to pass through validation and get certified, to be able to use their solutions in the vehicle ultimately.

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