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Testing and Certification Working Group Charter  
Testing and Certification Working Group Charter  
Testing and Certification Working Group Charter  

 The mission of the Testing and Certification Working Group (TC WG) is as below. 

  1. Define basic requirement of quality management system and qualification items in the automotive industry to assist MIH members to build up.
  2. Help to enhance design, develop and verify capabilities to assist MIH members to satisfy customers requirements.
  3. Define check list and assist MIH members to audit supplier quality management.
  4. Standardize functional safety levels and requirements, testing and certification standards


Start date   11 May. 2022  
Charter extension  N/A 
Chair   Naijen Kang (SGS) 
MIH Contacts   Ted Lien (MIH)  
Meeting Schedule   Teleconference: bi-weekly 



The scope of the TC WG is: Define and standardize description as Mission contents between MIH and WG members as follows: 

1. End product(EV platform/E-Bus/EEA/…) 

2. System, or sub-system(Connected/Autonomous/Shared/Electric/Powertrain/Thermal/…) 

3. ECU(BCM/Domain Control/ADAS/…) 

4. Parts(Component/Accessory/…) 

5. Software(Application/Algorithm/AI/Middleware/…) 

6. Mandatory(Regulation/Safety/OEM specification/Technical license/…) 

7. Non-mandatory(Quality system/Functional safety/Functional test/…) 



  • Bi-weekly meetings on Tue 11pm PST/Wed 2pm TWT 
  • Sub-teams may schedule ad hoc meetings as required to address work items 
  • Time commitment outside WG depends on work items and contributions 
  • TC WG Minutes/Documents 
  • Accessible only by Contributing Members participating in the TC WG  
  • Google shared drive has been setup to share minutes/documents 
  • Need to request access via a gmail account 
  • Meetings will be conducted using Microsoft Teams 
  • Invites should be managed by Chair 
  • Join with Name/Company info presented in English 


Documentation of the specifications covering: 

1. MIH Index: Score and classify all MIH members with different aspects such as role, product, function, experience, certification, etc. 

2. Certified by MIH program: Define audit processes and rules to certify by MIH program based on MIH Index. 

3. Certified by MIH standard: Testing criteria, requirement and procedure. 

4. Certified by MIH test plan: Testing case, protocol, interface and schedule. 

5. Item 3 & 4 are based on MIH WG such as powertrain, thermal, EEA, middleware, ADAS,etc. 



  1. Q2’22: Organize WG meeting and discuss R&R with WG members in April.
  2. 2H’22: Release MIH Index and certified process by MIH program.
  3. 1H’23: Discuss with other WG in MIH.
  4. 2H’23: Release New Technical Test Standard & Test Plan of WG for request.