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Thermal Management Working Group Charter
Thermal Management Working Group Charter
Thermal Management Working Group Charter

Thermal Management  

Thermal management working group holds bi-weekly meeting. 

It aims to consolidate the features and functionalities of current EV market, to come up with an easy-to-adopt, flexible thermal management system. 

Start date                  Mar 29. 2022 

Chair                          DENSO 

MIH Contact             Danielle Wan 

Meeting Frequency bi-weekly (physically and online) 

The scope of Thermal Management Working Group: 

  • Based on current EV OEM requirements to re-design an efficient thermal management system 
  • A combination of PTC, forced air cooling, liquid cooling to interact with battery system and powertrain, an overall developed battery thermal management system. 
  • Sub-group to explore extended control algorithm, for example the monitoring of the PM2.5 to assess air quality control, and more extensive functionalities. 


  • 2022 Apr-May to collect OEM requirements with a consolidated thermal benchmark list  
  • 2022 Jun-Sep to elaborate TM project concept, regional certification and requirements 
  • 2022 Oct showcase  
  • 2022 Q4 POC and project kick-off